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New Kingwin Helps Forest Fire Prevention


On July 18, King Long officially delivered 22 units New Kingwin vans to Quanzhou Forestry Bureau. All the vans will be used for forest patrols and firefighting.

Equipped with sealed monocoque body structure, the New Kingwin is extremely reliable and adaptable to various harsh working conditions in mountainous region. In addition, both its ABS and EBD have significantly improved the vehicle’s safety standards.

Another strength of the vehicle is its strong power. New Kingwin is provided with XCE’s popular V22 engine, enabling the vehicle to have high-torque output within full-speed range of the engine. In addition, variable valve timing(VVT), electronic power control (EPC) re adopted, allowing the vehicle to have strong power in starting acceleration and climbing. For these reasons, New Kingwin is very suitable for road conditions of mountain slopes.

Road conditions in forests are complicated, so assistants to forest firefighters must have good performance. New Kingwin is provided with tires with hub diameter of 15 inches and width of 195mm. Also worth mentioning is that the vehicle has successfully passed a series of stringent tests in different areas with high temperatures, high altitude or very low temperatures.

The interior space of New Kingwin has also been optimized to improve travel comforts for firefighters and store more firefighting equipment.