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King Long Takes Effective Measures to Meet Changing Market Demands


According to the statistics, 51,803 units of buses over five meters in length gained license plates from Jan. to Apr., down by 21.3% year on year. A closer look at the segmented markets indicates that only the city buses for public transport saw increase while buses used for other purposes all went down. In all, the bus market is faced with unprecedented challenges.

Against such a gloomy backdrop, Xiamen King Long United Automotive Co., Ltd. (also known as Xiamen King Long) managed to up its market share from 6.31% to 6.65%.

According to Guo Renxiang, General Manager of the bus maker, in face of the unfavorable market conditions, the company has made changes accordingly and introduced such classic bus models as 'Xiaolongwei’ to meet the changing market demands. By focusing on medium- and short-distance travel market and branch line transportation, it aims at upgrading the passenger transport on the road.

Plus, the company has been actively involved in developing and researching new energy vehicles. To meet the government's call for promoting green vehicles, the company is planning to roll out plug-in hybrid buses, electric buses, and fast recharging electric buses in the second half of this year.

While shifting its market strategies and developing eco-friendly vehicles, King Long still gives its top priority to technology innovation. To maintain its leading position in China's bus manufacturing industry, it has been making every efforts to develop its own core technologies, absorb modern corporate management concepts and strengthen its overall competitiveness.

Mr. Guo reveals that some of its buses have already been equipped with WIFI facilities so as to provide passengers with mobile internet services. Also, it has launched electric bus commuting experience in Xiamen with both WIFI and USB recharging functions., which are warmly welcomed by the local citizens.